Jay's Surf & Turf Trip! 

August 14th-15th (Saturday-Sunday)

Wanna surf and camp on the coast next month? Join Tisa, Jay, Christine, Emiliano, and Darryl on the chillest camping getaway. Jay will book a campsite for everyone planning to come. If you prefer, you are welcome to join us for a day trip or book your own accommodation. We will leave early Saturday (630am from the dojo sharp!), rent boards and wetsuits at Cleanline Surf Cannon Beach, and head to Indian Beach to surf and relax all day. At around 4pm, we'll head to the campsite. On Sunday, we can surf again at Short Sands Beach, return all rental gear, and drive home! Does anybody want to teach yoga or train on the beach?


The total estimated cost for this weekend including rentals, food, camping, and gas money will be $75-100. 

IF YOU WANT TO GO, text/call/email Jay at (503) 875-9333

We will crowdsource camping gear, so you'll have a place to sleep (private tent not guaranteed)

All are welcome!


Note: this is not a dojo-sponsored surf trip, it's just a bunch of friends getting together for surfing and camping. Trip participants are responsible for their own safety and cannot hold anyone on the trip or the dojo community liable for any injuries or anything. In other words, you're responsible for your own safety 😎

Nasim's Visit

August 3rd-8th

Nasim Sensei will be visiting, teaching, training, and socializing with us during shochu geiko. He is looking forward to seeing everyone.     

Shochu Geiko (Summer Intensive Training) 

August 2nd- 6th (Monday-Friday)

Shochu geiko is a tradition in our dojo to train intensively during the hottest part of the summer.  The goal is for everyone to train at least once a day for the five days of shochu geiko.  Schedules and life are typically never ideal to train so much, but if you are able to commit to five days of training you will be rewarded with a new sense of your martial arts abilities and a great bonding experience with your community of friends.  On Friday, August 6th after the last class of shochu geiko we will go out to the Lucky Lab on Qimuby for a social and celebration.  Classes will be offered at 6 am and 6 pm every day.  Hopefully, everyone will be able to make a class each day.