Monday March 23,2020




Hello Portland Aikikai Community,


Today Governor Brown gave a shelter in place order requiring all non essential businesses to temporarily halt operations.  You can find a copy of the order by following this link:


The order this includes the dojo. We recognize that the dojo is an essential place to maintain our physical, mental, and emotional health.  However, we have a social responsibility to the greater public and must also follow the law. Portland Aikikai’s intention, now and always, is to continue to provide socially responsible activities in line with our mission of spreading the teachings of Aikido, and sadly closing the dojo is one extension of that intention.


The practice of Aikido reminds us that we are all interconnected.  Kimusubi is exactly that: the finding of and cultivating a connection with another.  The decision to close the dojo, even if under the directive of the government, was not taken lightly; however, it is in the spirit of Aikido with full knowledge that we are all connected and that we all have a responsibility to one another for the preservation of life that the dojo must be closed for now, with the hope you will be back and training with one another soon. 


In the meantime, we are researching some videos for members to use to over the break.  We want to keep members connected to Aikido and maintain their health and well-being.  We will send an email with videos as soon as we are able. 


The board meeting that was scheduled for April 3rd will be rescheduled.  Hopefully, Governor Brown will give more clarity to the timeline of the shelter in place order soon and we can then have an idea when we will be able to return to practice. 


A note on finances: 

We are asking members to please maintain their memberships if they are financially able through this difficult time.  We are an all volunteer organization and operate on small margins.  However, if you need to put your membership on hold please follow the guidelines below. 

- Autopay holds will need to occur at least ten days prior to the first of the month not to be charged for the next month's auto-payment. Please email your request to



Thank you all again for being such wonderful members, aikidoka and supporters of the dojo.  We look forward to seeing you all soon and hope we all can get back to our normal levels of life and training as soon as possible.  Stay safe and stay well.  



Portland Aikikai Board of Directors



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