Aikido in Northwest Portland/Pearl District
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Portland Aikikai was founded in 1992 by Yoko Okamoto and Christopher Mulligan, after having finished a period of intensive training at the Aikikai World Headquarters in Tokyo.

At Portland Aikikai, we practice the Aikikai Style, the classical form derived from the teachings of the founder, Morihei Ueshiba.

We are led by our

Dojo Cho

Michael Napoli, 3rd Dan


Nasim Hanif Hurd, 3rd Dan

senior instructor:

Ty Barker, 6th Dan


We strive to maintain the environment of a traditional Japanese dojo and are committed to a vision of an authentic, rigorous and welcoming community.

This vision has been sustained for over twenty years. 

Portland Aikikai, a member of the United States Aikido Federation, is not a training hall, it is a Dojo, where students learn "dō" or a "way" to improve ourselves through everyday practice. 




Thinking of joining? Please come say hello. 


Visitors are always welcome in the dojo.  Please come and watch any class.  Our instructors are happy to answer your questions. We want you to enjoy training here so come and make sure Portland Aikikai is a good fit for you. Every Dojo has it's own spirit and we hope you enjoy ours!

No uniform is required for first few classes. Wear comfortable clothes that protect elbows and knees and show up 15-20 minutes early to sign-up, meet the instructors and settle in.

Adult Membership


Aikido & Kenpo

$85 a month. 

(first month  $110 Includes annual insurance. *

*subject to change.

All levels welcome.


Gift certificates are available.

Combine a membership with a Dogi for a great gift!


Speak with any one of our senior students or instructors, they will be happy to answer any questions you might have.

Training uniforms (Dogis)  are available for purchase:

Adults $50

Children $40


We take pride in our Children’s Program. We work to create a fun and  safe environment where children gain self-confidence and discipline while building patience, balance, coordination, flexibility, and fitness.


Our instructors are alumni of the children’s program or have had their own children graduate to the adults class.


As with all classes, friends and family are welcome and encouraged to come watch.


Our Thursday night Adult class is open to 14-18 year olds with instructor's approval. Sunday's kid's class parents who are active members can join their kids with the instructor's approval.

This is a great opportunity for families to train together. Parents please consider joining us on the mat.

Monthly Fees for 18 and younger:

Children's class (6-14 year olds)

Three classes a week.        $55.00*

Monday Thursday and Sunday

Children are encouraged to attend at least twice a week.


Youth 14-18 years old can train in Adult classes with instructors' permission.

Uniforms (Dogis) available for $40.



The Children's Program


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Contact Us

Thanks! We'll be in touch soon

1612 NW 15th Ave

Portland, OR  97209

(our entrance is from the interior courtyard of Raleigh Square)

The Dojo is near the 15, 24 and 77 bus routes ( closest stop number 14039) as well as the Portland Streetcar (stop 10775)

Contact information:

Phone: (971)258-2064